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Country (long form) Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Capital Caracas
Total Area 352,144.47 sq mi
912,050.00 sq km
(slightly more than twice the size of California)
Population 23,916,810 (July 2001 est.)
Estimated Population in 2050 37,106,394
Languages Spanish (official), numerous indigenous dialects
Literacy 91.1% total, 91.8% male, 90.3% female (1995 est.)
Religions nominally Roman Catholic 96%, Protestant 2%, other 2%
Life Expectancy 70.29 male, 76.56 female (2001 est.)
Government Type federal republic
Currency 1 bolivar (Bs) = 100 centimos
GDP (per capita) $6,200 (2000 est.)
Industry petroleum, iron ore mining, construction materials, food processing, textiles, steel, aluminum, motor vehicle assembly
Agriculture corn, sorghum, sugarcane, rice, bananas, vegetables, coffee; beef, pork, milk, eggs; fish
Arable Land 4%
Natural Resources petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, gold, bauxite, other minerals, hydropower, diamonds
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Geography of Venezuela

Venezuela, or Republic of Venezuela, a country in northern South America. It was given its name, meaning “Little Venice,” by an early Spanish explorer after he saw native huts built on posts in Lake Maracaibo.

History of Venezuela

At the time of the Spanish exploration of Venezuela in the 15th century, the region was inhabited by Carib and Arawak Indians.