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Country (long form) Kingdom of Sweden
Capital Stockholm
Total Area 173,732.07 sq mi
449,964.00 sq km
(slightly larger than California)
Population 8,875,053 (July 2001 est.)
Estimated Population in 2050 8,384,747
Languages Swedish
note: small Lapp- and Finnish-speaking minorities
Literacy 99% total, N/A% male, N/A% female (1979 est.)
Religions Lutheran 87%, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Baptist, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist
Life Expectancy 77.07 male, 82.5 female (2001 est.)
Government Type constitutional monarchy
Currency 1 Swedish krona (SKr) = 100 oere
GDP (per capita) $22,200 (2000 est.)
Industry iron and steel, precision equipment (bearings, radio and telephone parts, armaments), wood pulp and paper products, processed foods, motor vehicles
Agriculture grains, sugar beets, potatoes; meat, milk
Arable Land 7%
Natural Resources zinc, iron ore, lead, copper, silver, timber, uranium, hydropower

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Geography of Sweden

Sweden, or Kingdom of Sweden, a country of northern Europe. Its Swedish name is Sverige.

History of Sweden

About 12,000 B.C., Sweden began to emerge from the last Ice Age. As the ice sheet that had covered northeastern Europe gradually receded, Sweden became habitable.