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Country (long form) Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Capital Islamabad
Total Area 310,402.97 sq mi
803,940.00 sq km
(slightly less than twice the size of California)
Population 144,616,639 (July 2001 est.)
Estimated Population in 2050 267,813,495
Languages Punjabi 48%, Sindhi 12%, Siraiki (a Punjabi variant) 10%, Pashtu 8%, Urdu (official) 8%, Balochi 3%, Hindko 2%, Brahui 1%, English (official and lingua franca of Pakistani elite and most government ministries), Burushaski, and other 8%
Literacy 42.7% total, 55.3% male, 29% female (1998)
Religions Muslim 97% (Sunni 77%, Shi'a 20%), Christian, Hindu, and other 3%
Life Expectancy 60.61 male, 62.32 female (2001 est.)
Government Type federal republic
Currency 1 Pakistani rupee (PRe) = 100 paisa
GDP (per capita) $2,000 (2000 est.)
Industry textiles, food processing, beverages, construction materials, clothing, paper products, shrimp
Agriculture cotton, wheat, rice, sugarcane, fruits, vegetables; milk, beef, mutton, eggs
Arable Land 27%
Natural Resources land, extensive natural gas reserves, limited petroleum, poor quality coal, iron ore, copper, salt, limestone
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Geography of Pakistan

Pakistan was created in 1947 by the partition of British India into India and Pakistan.

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History of Pakistan

Pakistan came into existence as a dominion in the British Commonwealth on August 14, 1947, the result of the partition of India into two countries.