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Country (long form) Republic of Nicaragua
Capital Managua
Total Area 49,997.91 sq mi
129,494.00 sq km
(slightly smaller than the state of New York)
Population 4,918,393 (July 2001 est.)
Estimated Population in 2050 9,084,165
Languages Spanish (official)
note: English and indigenous languages on Atlantic coast
Literacy 65.7% total, 64.6% male, 66.6% female (1995 est.)
Religions Roman Catholic 85%, Protestant
Life Expectancy 67.1 male, 71.11 female (2001 est.)
Government Type republic
Currency 1 gold cordoba (C$) = 100 centavos
GDP (per capita) $2,700 (2000 est.)
Industry food processing, chemicals, machinery and metal products, textiles, clothing, petroleum refining and distribution, beverages, footwear, wood
Agriculture coffee, bananas, sugarcane, cotton, rice, corn, tobacco, sesame, soya, beans; beef, veal, pork, poultry, dairy products
Arable Land 9%
Natural Resources gold, silver, copper, tungsten, lead, zinc, timber, fish
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Geography of Nicaragua

Nicaragua, or Republic of Nicaragua, a country in Central America. It lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and is bordered by Honduras and Costa Rica.

History of Nicaragua

Columbus reached Nicaragua in 1502 on his last voyage. In 1522 Gil González Dávila, a Spanish explorer, led an expedition into Nicaragua.