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Country (long form) Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Capital Amman
Total Area 35,637 sq mi
92,300.00 sq km
(slightly smaller than Indiana)
Population 5,153,378 (July 2001 est.)
Estimated Population in 2050 11,772,789
Languages Arabic (official), English widely understood among upper and middle classes
Literacy 86.6% total, 93.4% male, 79.4% female (1995 est.)
Religions Sunni Muslim 92%, Christian 6% (majority Greek Orthodox, but some Greek Catholics, Roman Catholics, Syrian Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox, and Protestant denominations), other 2% (several small Shi'a Muslim and Druze populations) (2000 est.)
Life Expectancy 75.1 male, 80.12 female (2001 est.)
Government Type constitutional monarchy
Currency 1 Jordanian dinar (JD) = 1,000 fils
GDP (per capita) $3,500 (2000 est.)
Industry phosphate mining, petroleum refining, cement, potash, light manufacturing, tourism
Agriculture wheat, barley, citrus, tomatoes, melons, olives; sheep, goats, poultry
Arable Land 4%
Natural Resources phosphates, potash, shale oil
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Jordan, or Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, an Arab country in southwest Asia and one of the countries of the Middle East.

History of Jordan

Jordan's area includes what in Biblical times were the lands of Gilead, Ammon, Moab, and Edom, on the eastern side of the Jordan River and Dead Sea; and most of Judah and Israel (later Judea and Samaria) on the western side.