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Country (long form) People's Republic of Bangladesh
Capital Dhaka
Total Area 55,598.71 sq mi
144,000.00 sq km
(slightly smaller than Wisconsin)
Population 131,269,860 (July 2001 est.)
Estimated Population in 2050 205,093,861
Languages Bangla (official, also known as Bengali), English
Literacy 56% total, 63% male, 49% female (2000 est.)
Religions Muslim 83%, Hindu 16%, other 1% (1998)
Life Expectancy 60.74 male, 60.33 female (2001 est.)
Government Type parliamentary democracy
Currency 1 taka (Tk) = 100 poisha
GDP (per capita) $1,570 (2000 est.)
Industry cotton textiles, jute, garments, tea processing, paper newsprint, cement, chemical fertilizer, light engineering, sugar
Agriculture rice, jute, tea, wheat, sugarcane, potatoes, tobacco, pulses, oilseeds, spices, fruit; beef, milk, poultry
Arable Land 73%
Natural Resources natural gas, arable land, timber, coal
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Bangladesh, or People's Republic of Bangladesh, an independent country in southern Asia.

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History of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is the eastern part of the historic region of Bengal.